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Isami is a subject matter expert on anti-human trafficking and child safety.

She grew up in Japan and was raised by professional con artists under the guise of "missionaries". Her home was an unsafe place for children, as her mother became her sex trafficker at the age of 9. She left her abusive home as an adult and was introduced to a relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of 23.

Her mission is to be a voice for the exploited and abused within religious settings and educate leadership on the subjects of anti-human trafficking and child safety.

Isami has her B.S. degree in interdisciplinary studies

(Graphic Design/Communications+Psychology), has completed professional training in global and domestic anti-human trafficking, has an active ICF coaching certification, and has appeared on multiple shows/podcasts internationally and within the United States. 

Her story of resilience has allowed her to connect with thousands of survivors across the globe.

She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with her husband. 

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